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Serviced accommodation is a huge thing in the UK at the moment. I will explain basically what it is.

Serviced accommodation is usually a fully furnished property that a person or company can book for a short term stay (2 days for a weekend away) or longer term (4 months for working away from home).

A lot of people are investing in this type of property and it can give a very appealing ROI (Return on investment).

I would say it is similar to a hotel or B and B maybe and people are making it more and more “hotelish” by providing shower gels, tea, coffee and so on.

Over the past few months I have spoken to individuals and companies about the reason they would use Serviced Accommodation rather than a hotel. Some of the benefits they mentioned were:

  • It will generally be a cheaper option for a small group or a company to put a worker in. Longer bookings will bring the price down even further
  • Guests will have access to there own private kitchen in most cases. This means you don’t have to go out for food every night and can cook to your tastes and dietary requirement. If working away from home this can be a big thing for some people.
  • Guests can do their own laundry whilst staying in a SA property.
  • People feel more at home and more relaxed than in a hotel.

Su Casa is a serviced accommodation provider based in the North West of England. We can help if you have any requirements for a serviced accommodation property anywhere in the UK.

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