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I don’t think being an actual cash buyer has been an advantage for a good few years. Until now. I’m talking actual cash in the bank to buy the property.

A lot of people for a long time have been using the term cash buyers “we will buy your house cash” when realistically they are using investor money or bridging finance to do this. This is fine and can often complete in as quick a time as actual cash buyers.

This was all fine until now. With the current economy I am seeing a lot, if not all mortgage/finance companies postponing or completely stopping the money being sent to complete on purchases. I’ve saw this with very experienced buyers and also relatively new BTL landlords.

This for me presents a big opportunity for the real cash buyers out there and I think if you are fortunate enough to be in this position and can either wait for refinance or want to own unencumbered property then this could be your time.


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